Wedding Form

Attire - Unless you specifically request either more formal or more casual, I will dress in a shirt, vest, and tie. Which would you prefer:
- If you wish, I can have a mellow variety of soft background music playing for the arrival of guests, cocktails and dinner. If you like I can announce your arrival and the arrival of your parents and/or wedding party. Please attach a list of the names that you would like announced:
- If not, you may want to plan time to visit with your guests either before or after the meal is served or both.
- If you are planning a sit-down banquet we will announce for your guests to be seated so the banquet can be served. If the meal is presented buffet style, we will invite you to the buffet first, followed by your bridal party, family and finally your guests. Meal type:
- After making sure that all tables have been served champagne (or toasting beverages), we introduce the person(s) making the toast and provide them with a microphone if needed. The best man usually makes the first toast, and the maid/matron of honor is encouraged to offer a toast as well.
- Immediately following the toasts is not a bad time to schedule for cutting the cake.
- This dance is traditionally reserved for the bride and groom. We will invite you to the dance floor and introduce you as:
Announcing the Parents' Dance - Some possible options for conducting this dance are:
- Up until now, your bridal party and guests have not participated in any of the traditional dances. This dance encourages everyone to the dance floor for a dedication from the two of you. It’s a great way to say "thank you" to everyone for attending the reception.
How would you like to schedule the first dance with the wedding party and the rest of the guests? - This dance encourages everyone to the dance floor. You may want to bring the wedding party out first to dance with you and then I will invite everyone else to celebrate your marriage by joining you for this first dance.
- I will encourage your guests to participate, and can coordinate this with the photographer so the moment can be captured on film.
- If you plan to leave prior to the majority of your guests, it is traditional to dedicate a farewell dance in your honor. If you are staying until the end of the reception, I would make this the last dance and invite everyone to join you on the dance floor for the finale. A couple of suggestions are "At Last" by Etta James or "Have I Told You Lately" by Van Morrison.

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