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The Tune Doctor Blog http://thetunedoctor.com/blog Check this blog to see what the Tune Doctor has been up to! Tue, 04 Feb 2014 20:55:28 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.2 Park City, Utah here we come! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/park-city-utah-here-we-come/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/park-city-utah-here-we-come/#comments Tue, 04 Feb 2014 20:01:59 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=81 Continue reading ]]> Talk about road trips.  This was a great one.  The Tune Doctor, along with a fairly sizable entourage packed all the gear up into a UHaul trailer and headed back to Park City, Utah near the end of June for Amy & Erik Gaugh’s wedding and party.  The Swaner Eco Center was a gorgeous spot for a reception and the moon “fully” cooperated! Congrats, A & E!!  A stop in the Ruby Mountains on the way back to CA was a real bonus!

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What a great Barn! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/what-a-great-barn/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/what-a-great-barn/#comments Tue, 04 Feb 2014 19:41:48 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=76 The Tune Doctor kicked off June 2013 with Katie and Nick’s wedding at Squirrel Creek Ranch in Grass Valley.  Really nice grounds at this venue and the barn is absolutely classic!  Check it out!!

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Cody & Jocelyn at River Highlands Ranch http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/cody-jocelyn-at-river-highlands-ranch-2/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/cody-jocelyn-at-river-highlands-ranch-2/#comments Tue, 04 Feb 2014 19:41:19 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=71 Continue reading ]]> One of the most beautiful venues in the Sierra Foothills is the River Highlands Ranch out near Smartville.  Amazing view of the vineyards through the barn!  Jocelyn and Cody Johnson were married there in May and what a fun day it was.  Delicious food (as always!) by Roger & Pam of A Family Affair Catering.  The Tune Doctor always enjoys a great party at the Ranch!

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Have Tunes, Will Travel! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/have-tunes-will-travel/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2014/02/04/have-tunes-will-travel/#comments Tue, 04 Feb 2014 18:44:40 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=63 Continue reading ]]> It was not your everyday load-in as the Tune Doctor took to the slopes and played for the Northstar ski and snowboard team fundraiser in March.  It was a really fun event with some great kids and the dancing was fiery.  We loaded up the sled with all of the equipment and were pulled by snowmobile into the mid mountain lodge at Northstar.  We’ll go wherever we have to go to play great music!!

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What a beautiful venue in Grass Valley, Ca! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2013/02/19/what-a-beautiful-venue-in-grass-valley-ca/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2013/02/19/what-a-beautiful-venue-in-grass-valley-ca/#comments Wed, 20 Feb 2013 01:13:38 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=54 Continue reading ]]>

Smith Vineyard


Kacie and Ben Hajduk’s wedding at Smith Vineyard on LaBarr Meadow’s Road in Grass Valley was positively gorgeous!  Gary and Christina Smith really have a beautiful place for a wedding and were gracious hosts for this fun event.  Delicious food, fun party and check out one of the photos by family member Kelsey Lauren!

]]> http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2013/02/19/what-a-beautiful-venue-in-grass-valley-ca/feed/ 0 Tune Doctor goes “out west” at Squaw Creek http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2013/02/19/tune-doctor-goes-out-west-at-squaw-creek/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2013/02/19/tune-doctor-goes-out-west-at-squaw-creek/#comments Wed, 20 Feb 2013 00:36:16 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=47 Continue reading ]]> The summer schedule kicked off in earnest on June 8th as the Tune Doctor played dance music for a Western gig at The Resort at Squaw Creek.  OK, so I’m a little behind on my blog, but there are still some great events to tell you about!  There were some line dances as well as plenty of rockin’ and rollin’!  It was a gorgeous Squaw Valley evening and people danced into the night at this early summer private party.  Kudos to The Resort at Squaw Creek for another fun and well run event!

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Summer schedule kicks off with Grad Party in Santa Cruz http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/08/23/summer-schedule-kicks-off-with-grad-party-in-santa-cruz/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/08/23/summer-schedule-kicks-off-with-grad-party-in-santa-cruz/#comments Thu, 23 Aug 2012 15:47:47 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=36 Continue reading ]]> The lovely home of Kevin and Sue Waltz in Santa Cruz was the site of the kick-off event for The Tune Doctor’s  2012 schedule on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Their daughter, Claire had just graduated from her nursing program at San Jose State and a party was in order.  The weather threatened, but it ended up being a gorgeous evening with a full crew of Claire’s friends and relatives who enjoyed the taco bar as well as a plethora of beverages, and then did some really nice work on the dance floor!  Thanks to Kevin and Sue for giving me the opportunity to help out with this celebration and Congratulations, Claire!!!

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The Tune Doctor hits the new year running! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/02/03/the-tune-doctor-hits-the-new-year-running/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/02/03/the-tune-doctor-hits-the-new-year-running/#comments Fri, 03 Feb 2012 18:39:53 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=20 Continue reading ]]> Welcome to a brand new addition to the Tune Doctor’s website!  I have been looking forward to setting up a blog so I can keep you up to date on what’s been happening with the Tune Doctor for quite some time.  Thanks to Shane Hollon’s hard work and expertise this blog has become a reality.  Thanks, Shane!

2012 has not only been kicked off with my new blog, but also lots of bookings for upcoming events and lots of new music in the Tune Doctor’s arsenal (not the least of which is a fiery remix of Etta James’s “Something’s Got A Hold On Me/Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling!)  We also attended the Wedding Fair For All Season’s at the Miner’s Foundry in Nevada City organized by Donna Hoekstra and Joy of Life Events.  Great job, Donna, and thanks again for all the hard work putting this event on.  The Nevada County based group of wedding related vendors, NCWEDS met this week for our bi-monthly meeting at Jim E’s Club 141 on E. Main St in Grass Valley, Ca.  Nice to get together with all the wonderful planners, caterers, photographers, graphic artists, and of course, DJ’s!  And we had some delicious appetizers from JIm E’s kitchen!

I look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead and, hopefully, meeting many more of you who are looking for someone to handle the music for your special event and who will work hard to make sure it runs smoothly and is truly an event to remember!

—The Tune Doctor


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The Tune Doctor Blog is Live! http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/01/30/the-tune-doctor-blog-is-live/ http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/2012/01/30/the-tune-doctor-blog-is-live/#comments Tue, 31 Jan 2012 07:17:31 +0000 tunedoctor http://thetunedoctor.com/blog/?p=17 First post of the new Tune Doctor blog.

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